Calendar of Events

Below is the schedule of this year’s PTA – General Meetings.  These meetings begin at 7:00 pm.  If you would like to attend a meeting, simply click on the date of the meeting a few minutes before the meeting starts and you will be immediately added to the meeting.

It is that simple! We look forward to your attendance and a the excitement of the new year. We will continue communicate and update the calendar below so please check back frequently.

2020 /21 PTA Meeting Schedule (subject to change)
  General Meetings     Board Meetings
September  3-Sep      17-Sep
October  1-Oct       15-Oct 
November  5-Nov       19-Nov 
December  3-Dec       17-Dec 
January  7-Jan      21-Jan
February 4-Feb     18-Feb
March 4-Mar     18-Mar
April 31-Mar     15-Apr
May 6-May     20-May