Welcome Letter

Hello Highlands Hawk Families!

     On behalf of the Highlands PTA, as this year’s PTA (Parent Teacher Association) president, I want to be the first to welcome you to our school and the community.  My name is Kathleen Blaine and I have three children, my oldest son is a 2017 graduate of Highlands, my daughter is a Kindergartener and my youngest son will attend Highlands in a couple years. I am thrilled to be back and look forward to the many years ahead lending a hand contributing to the numerous events here at our school.

    The 2020-2021 school year was very different than anything students, parents, teachers and administrators had ever experienced, let alone imagined. Although it was less than ideal for many, I truly believe the experience helped everyone realize that we all play a very important part in helping children learn, grow and become the best versions of themselves. Now more than ever, the Highlands PTA wants and needs your support to help facilitate the numerous ways we as a PTA, help foster the Highlands Hawk spirit and success. As we prepare for another year of learning and growth, I want to encourage you to reach out to myself or anyone on the PTA and ask questions, express concerns and most importantly get involved!

     Highlands’ PTA is a non-profit organization run completely on the support of parent volunteers time and donations. An underlying principle for the PTA this year is the concept of “communication and teamwork.” With the goal of this year’s learning environment getting back to what many feel is a “normal” learning environment, active communication between all those involved in our children’s lives is imperative. The best way to be “in the loop?” Join PTA, make sure we have your contact information and get involved!

     Monthly PTA meetings are generally held on the first Thursday of every month. The agenda usually includes: the principal’s report, teacher’s reports, current PTA business and the opportunity for new business (concerns/questions) to be addressed. The meetings are both open and informative as well as Fun!

How can you support Highland’s PTA?

The PTA works with the principal, teachers and families to run and/or fund student programs. This year the PTA has once again taken proactive budgetary measures to streamline costs and suspend/delay programs where required. Simply put, we need your help to be able to once again fund all the programs that had to be cut. One of the best ways to show your personal support is to become a PTA member and attend the PTA meetings, as well as donate to the Dollar a Day fundraiser. We also need numerous adult volunteers to help with committees and run events. We hope you will consider donating what you can to help support all Highlands students.

Finally, Highland’s has a rich history, with many generations of families attending Highland’s Elementary School over the years. Let’s stay connected and continue the tradition of providing the best learning environment for the kids and their future success. Your participation and support will make it happen!


Kathleen Blaine

Highlands Elementary PTA – President@HighlandsElementaryPTA.org